The Only Tropical Zoo in Yogyakarta is Gembira Loka Zoo

The Only Tropical Zoo in Yogyakarta is Gembira Loka Zoo

Gembira Loka zoo is the only zoo that owned by Yogyakarta. Gembira Loka is also classified as a museum and categorized as zoology or animals museum. Gembira Loka in its history included as the oldest museum in Yogyakarta after Sonobudoyo Museum.

Over time, this zoo is still a main attractions for Yogyakarta. According to data from the Tourism Office of Yogyakarta, the visitors in Gembira Loka only can be defeated by the number of visitors to Yogyakarta Palace and Malioboro Area per year.

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Besides displaying endangered species (mammals, Reptiles, Aves, Amphibians, Pisces), Gembira Loka also has other interesting collections in the form of dried animals. This place preserved beast in a special room at the zoo. The museum is located on the banks of an artificial lake in the Gembira Loka zoo area.

In line with the development of zoos that increasingly visited by tourists, in 2007 Gembira Loka zoo built a natural labs for Flora and Fauna as educational area for visitor. In this place there are various collections various species of insects, vertebrata and invertebrates

The zoo is decorated by a series of verdant gardens with colorful flowers. There are some old trees and big shady that add to the beauty of this place. Gembira Loka also has land in the form of forests that are allowed to grow and also land for nurseries. Most of these plants are not styled neatly with the aim of presenting a natural atmosphere.

Besides the various flora and fauna in this zoo, there are also various recreational rides such as duck vehicle, elephant, camel, and replica cave also available to support tourism. Gembira Loka is located at Jalan Kebun Raya No.2 Kotagede, Yogyakarta. From the Giwangan bus station are about 4 km away. Meanwhile, from Malioboro and Keraton Yogyakarta is 6 km away.

To reach this place, you can use various public transportation such as city bus, taxi, Trans Jogja, becak and andong. If pedicab and horse becomes an option, make sure you are not far from this place. If you ride by Trans Jogja, take bus route 1B. This buses will stop at Gembira Loka shelter.

The entrance ticket is USD 2 start from Monday till Friday, and USD 2.5 for weekend and other holiday. Many stall are available that sell a variety of souvenirs, toys, food and beverages around the parking lot. The game that available such as traditional boat, speedboad, bumper boat, ATV, and vehicle-alike.

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