The Vastly Green of Pengilon Hill Yogyakarta

The Vastly Green of Pengilon Hill Yogyakarta

Bukit Pengilon not only famous for the beautiful beach. In Gunung Kidul, there are also some nature attraction in the form of a hill. One of nature attraction in the form of a hill is Pengilon Hill, with Kosakora Peak in it.

However, beside famous with Kosakora Peak, Pengilon Hill also famous with green vast landscape. Perhaps, what makes Bukit Pengilon is less famous than Bukit Kosakora, because the hidden location. Due to this hill is directly facing the sea, of course you can see the beauty without any distraction.

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Then, you can also feel the cool wind on the hill along with the wave sound of the sea, looks like they are two soulmate. Pengilon Hill is also still less of visitors, because not many tourists know about the location. It feels like being in a private tourist attraction.

Even more interesting, this tourist place has a natural landscape, so that the natural atmosphere is still thick. In order to easily find this sights, you must go to Wates, Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunung Kidul. Or more precisely, this tourist spot is at the east of Siung Beach. So, when you’re on Siung Beach, don’t forget to stop by.

If you want to go to Bukit Pangilon by private vehicle, you must reach Wonosari first. Just follow the signboard. You must pay the entrance fees to enter Pengilon Hill. Don’t forget to bring the cash, just in case you need to pay something immediately.

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