Things You Should Now About the Mystery of Taman Sari Yogyakarta

Things You Should Now About the Mystery of Taman Sari Yogyakarta

Enjoying the exotic scenery in the pool that used to be the royal family is something that must be impressive. One of the places is water attraction in Taman Sari, Yogyakarta. This place is still one area with the Sultan Palace, which is 10 minutes to this water palace.

The entrance ticket to Taman Sari is $0.5, then you can walk around this pool. The building has a unique aesthetic value with a relief on the pool wall. The buildings that still attract is Gemuling Well, Gedhong Gapura Hageng, and Gedhong Gapura.

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Inside Gedhong Gapura, there are twin buildings on the right side and the left side that adheres to the pool and the main door of visitors to enter the Taman Sari complex. Taman Sari water palace keeps a mystical history that is used by the king of Mataram Kingdom to bathe in certain months.

Sometimes there are strange events around the pond. The sounds of gamelan from the right and left side of small buildings to welcome the king when going to bathe here. Then, there is a special ceremony to welcome the king and the people who want to enter the pool of this water palace.

Being in the water palace Taman Sari like being in the atmosphere of ancient kingdom. The building carvings are still thick with Javanese culture, and makes this place interesting to visit. There are 3 parts of the pool which are Umbul Kawitan (the pool used by the king’s sons), Umbul Pamuncar (used by the concubines of the king), and Umbul Panguras (used by the king himself).

There is a tower consisting of three levels that made of teak wood. The water reflection of the pond looks so clear from the top of the tower. The water conditions are so refreshing, and make your eyes won’t stop looking. But you must know that you should not bathe in the pool.

The thick perfume you can smell around the pond, represent how sacral it is. There is Kenongo building which became the highest building in Taman sari. From this place you will be amazed by the charm of the beauty of the sunset at dusk. The panoramic view of Taman Sari thoroughly visible from the top of this building.

Taman Sari water palace attraction can be a tourist destination for you who like the culture. Just make sure you visit each place with details, and find out where the historical place from ancient Java.

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