This Fire Bridge Comes From Hutan Mangrove Wanatirta Jogja

This Fire Bridge Comes From Hutan Mangrove Wanatirta Jogja

During this time the most popular destinations in Jogja are Sermo Reservoir, Kalibiru Forest, also Glagah Beach. But lately appeared new attractions that steal public’s attention. It is Jembatan Api-api, or Mangrove Forest Fire Bridge from Congot.

Tourists who visit the Mangrove Fire Bridge will be greeted by a green mangrove forest. On the sidelines of the lush mangrove staple has been installed path for pedestrians in the form of bamboo and wooden trunks. At some points there are wooden gazebos as well as interesting spots that are fun to use the location of selfie.

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Out of the dense of mangrove, you will meet with a fairly wide river, called with Bogowonto River that flowing down to the estuary. To reach the mangrove block on the south side, there was several unique bamboo bridges. From this bamboo bridge the name of the Fire Bridge was popularized.

There are several types of bridges that can be skipped. For the brave, please try the suspension bridge that will sway when someone stepped on it. As for those who choose the safe path can try another bamboo bridge that stands firmly.

Not much different from the mangrove forests on the north side, on the south side there are also many unique construction made of bamboo that can be used as photo locations. One of the highlights is the bamboo tower and a pair of bamboo gates at the end of the pier that resemble the building of Pura Ulun Danu.

Location of the Fire Bridge

Watching the dusk from this place will surely be a memorable experience. Then if you are tired of the streets around the mangrove forest, you can ride the boat along the Bogowonto River until it reaches the estuary.

Mangrove Forest Fire Bridge is located in Pasir Mendit, Jangkaran, Temon, Kulonprogo. This place can be reached from downtown Yogyakarta about 2 hours using private vehicle. Just follow the main road of Yogyakarta – Purworejo, towards Glagah Beach. After that follow Daendles Street to find SD Jangkaran, and turn left and follow the directions.

Entrance ticket of Mangrove Fire Bridge

Actually, this mangrove forest has existed since the first, even become one of the natural mangrove sites in Yogyakarta. However, the development as a tourist spot was just done in 2016. Citizens who are aware of the tourism potential of this area then develop the mangrove forest into an attractive tourist location.

To enjoy the beautiful atmosphere offered by Fire Bridge, visitors can simply spend USD 0.4 for each person. Meanwhile, if you want to ride the boat to explore Bogowonto River, you must pay an additional fee about USD 0.4 for each person.

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