This Is How to Find Cheap Hotel in Malioboro Yogyakarta

This Is How to Find Cheap Hotel in Malioboro Yogyakarta

After you knew some tourist attractions around Malioboro, you need to find lodging close to Malioboro. Because Malioboro is a tourist location that is often visited by tourists, it is no wonder if this area has a lot of lodging and hotel, from cheap price to expensive one.

This Is How to Find Cheap Hotel in Malioboro Yogyakarta

1.      Take a vacation and look for lodging in Malioboro outside high season time

To be able to get a room in Malioboro, you can choose vacation time outside the holiday season. If your time can be flexible, why didn’t come at ordinary day. Besides you can easily find a good hotel, you can get it the normal price, or even lower.

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2.      If vacation in Malioboro at High Season

In this case, you have to plan a vacation far away in advance. You can start to book from far away to get a room. Of course, you will have trouble to get a good room when all the tourists want to get the same room in ​​Malioboro. Sometimes you can get a discount by booking in advance.

3.      Find lodging or hotels that are easy to access

Since we are talking about cheap lodging or hotels in Malioboro, mostly you can find it in a small alley. And finally it makes you park your vehicle far in front. At the alley, although the cost of rent is cheaper, but your comfort can be reduced. Vacation to Jogja is actually very pleasant. Cheap lodging for backpacker, or expensive hotel for rich traveler.

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