This Is the Right Place to Enjoy Yogyakarta Night Scenery

This Is the Right Place to Enjoy Yogyakarta Night Scenery

As the evening approaches, the crowds of the city begin to take action. Enjoy the flickering of this cultural city from a truly exotic height. There is one tourist attraction that became favorite, which is Bukit Bintang. Located in Pathuk hills, this place has a height of about 150 asl.

Flickering lights shining from this hill. Actually the name of this hill is Hargo Dumilah Hill. But the people of Jogja more familiar with Bukit Bintang. The effects of street lights and the residents’ houses make this place look like a star that radiates into the sky.

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An evening attraction that offers the charm of a beautiful star from a different angle. To go to Bukit Bintang is very easy, and you can use private vehicle or public transportation. The hill is on the edge of the road to Wonosari. It’s perfect place for you who want to spend the night with someone.

Not only that, you can set a romantic dinner at here. A very appropriate hangout for young people who spend a weekend here with friends. Enjoy the glittering stars. On the side of the road, there is a place that used to see the atmosphere of Jogja city at night.

Bukit Bintang not only offers a graceful panorama, but there is culinary stall. The unique and romantic café decoration is the main attraction for tourists eating here. The menu also varies, from heavy meals to snacks. If you want to enjoy the sunrise from the top of the hill, it could not hurt you to spend the night here.

There are several choices of hotels and inns to suit your needs. There is a rest area that is usually used for parking lot or just to rest. Visiting Bukit Bintang can be a complement to your trip when visit Jogja. For you who like to pose, this place can be an interesting photo spot.

There is a magnificent Gunung Kidul background that is perfect for your background. Capture the moment in a special place like in Bukit Bintang you must do. A combination of candlelight and starlight that fighting over will fascinate you.

A very suitable moment for you who love the flickering light and the artistic eating place. Just be prepared to feel the sensation of being amazed at the favorite spot to hangout in Jogja.

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