This Is The Way How To Enjoy Nature Attraction In Yogyakarta?

This Is The Way How To Enjoy Nature Attraction In Yogyakarta?

The potential of nature attraction in Yogyakarta is already no doubt. That’s what makes you choose Yogyakarta as interesting destinations to be visited. When you talk about the beauty and natural wealth, it’s certainly will not be endless. Of the many natural attractions, you can find in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta, or more familiarly called Jogja, is one of the famous cities in Indonesia with many stunning natural attractions. Jogja not only has interesting natural attractions to be visited, but there are historical tours, religious tours, shopping, culinary tours, and much more.

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It seems incomplete if you visit Yogyakarta but did not explore the beauty of natural attractions. In fact, there are still many natural attractions in Jogja that still hide, and very dear to missed. So, this is how to enjoy the natural attractions in Yogyakarta.

This Is The Way How To Enjoy Nature Attraction In Yogyakarta?

1.      Feel cool in the middle pine forest

Indonesia is one of the world’s tropical countries, so it’s no wonder if Yogyakarta has hot air. However, there are many places that offer a lot of coolness and still beautifully, one is Mangunan Pine Forest.

Mangunan Pine forest is precisely located in Dlingo, Bantul. In this place, you are not only feel the coolness in the middle of pine forest, but also can take a picture. You may explore and continue the journey to the orchard of Mangunan.

2.      Watching the heavens light in Jomblang Cave

Yogyakarta has an interesting cave attraction to visit. For example, you can see the light of heaven in Jomblang Cave. The view of this cave is very different from the caves in general, here you can feel the different experience and quite extreme.

You will be accompanied by a professional guide to explore this cave. The best time to visit Jomblang Cave is around 10 am to 12 pm. At that time, the sun’s position is high enough, so you can see the light of heaven from inside the cave.

3.      Enjoying the enchanting twilight at Parang Endog

The natural attractions in Yogyakarta always related with Parangtritis Beach in Bantul. Well, to enjoy the dazzling sunset, you can go to at the east side of Parangtritis beach, which is Parang Endog Hill.

Parang Endog itself is one of the many natural attractions in Jogja that suit to be enjoyed before dusk. This hill is usually used paragliding sport base. Besides the dazzling dusk at Bukit Parang Endog, you can also see the activities of people who ride paragliding. If you want to try this sport, you can enjoy the paragliding sport by paying 300 thousand.

4.      Enjoying the beauty sun at the top of Suroloyo

Natural attractions in Jogja not only offer a twilight view with a charming sunset, there are also many great places to enjoy the beauty of sunrise, one of them is Puncak Suroloyo. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise in Puncak Suroloyo. Puncak Suroloyo located in Monereh Mountains, in the region Kulon Progo.

The charm and beauty of the sunrise from Suroloyo Peak is very cool, just like you when you climb the mountain peak. To arrive at the top of Suroloyo, you must pass about 290 stairs first. At the top, you will see the beauty of the sunrise and the scenery around the peak Suroloyo.

5.      Explore Kalisuci Cave

There are so many natural beauty that can be found in Yogyakarta, one of them is in Kalisuci Cave located in Pancarejo, Semamu, Gunung Kidul. In this cave, you can do cave tubing activities by using tires and body rafting equipment. It’s a bit different from cave cubing in other caves, because you will get amazing experience inside the cave.

While exploring the halls of Kalisuci Cave, you can see a very clear springs. Interestingly, the spring is located above the river flows dirt. To feel the experience of cave tubing in Kalisuci Cave, you have to spend around $6 for each person.

6.      Feel the beautiful panorama at Pok Tunggal Beach

There is one more natural attractions in Jogja which became wider known, Pok Tunggal Beach. In this area of ​​Gunung Kidul, you can feel the beautiful panorama at Pok Tunggal Beach. This beach is a place that is surrounded by steep cliffs with the fascinating white sand.

To come to this place, you must use a private vehicle because there is no public transport which pass this beach. After get there, you must do little walk by climbing on the east coast of Indrayanti Beach.

7.      Enjoy the freshness of Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Not only famous for its beach tourism, Jogja also has an interesting waterfall attraction to be visited, the waterfall is known as Sri Gethuk Waterfall. In this location, you can enjoy the freshness of Sri Gethuk Waterfall that located in the Oyo River.

In addition, this waterfall has karst cliffs that give you the impression of luxury and unique. To come and visit Sri Gethuk Waterfall, you have to buy tickets $3 for each. With this ticket, you can visit another tourist attractions which is Rancang Kencono Cave.


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