Tips before Buy Any Souvenirs in Indonesia

It’s normal one to collect and buy anything related souvenir or gift from vacation, especially when the trip takes a place in another country. Every country have different culture, including this one. But, in Indonesia, every people assume that foreigner have a lot of money. Unfortunately, this assumption give you disadvantages. That’s why you need tips before buy any souvenirs in Indonesia from local people like me.

You might faced various seller who offered their stuff. I’ll be honest, they often sell the stuff beyond the real price. For example, I can buy a shirt just about IDR 15.000 which is $ 1.3 in Malioboro. But you can’t do that because you are foreigner. It is okay when you able to buy, but if you are backpackers just read this first. Sometime I do a trip as a backpacker, so I know your condition is.

Tips before Buy Any Souvenirs in Indonesia

There are some basic rule before buy souvenirs that you think awkward to do, but it must be done if you are not willing to be trapped. You can apply this tips at everywhere in Indonesia because the seller mostly use the same trick I guess. The important thing, you must keep your behave stay controlled because we are quite spiteful.

·        Don’t be attracted

Tips before Buy Any Souvenirs in IndonesiaIt’s normal when you see something new you will get attracted with it. If you don’t speak Indonesian any little to refuse, just ignored and don’t be attracted with what they offered. The seller can read your face which is you interest or not. If they see your face showing any interest, then you will get trapped. Bring your local friend if you have. If you don’t, go to the next tips. Even though, not every seller is bad like that. With some lucky, you may get the best price.

·        Buy in another place

Tips before Buy Any Souvenirs in IndonesiaEven in one place, the price sometime is different. Let’s say you want to buy some in Malioboro. Malioboro just street line from north to south. If you willing to purchase anything, please don’t buy at the start point of Malioboro or even in the end of Malioboro street, or you will get a multiple prices. Those places are very strategic to attract the visitor, and the seller knew that. So, choose in the middle area or another place and you may get the best price for your souvenirs.

·        Pretend to ignore it

Tips before Buy Any Souvenirs in IndonesiaI think the best tips before buy any souvenirs in Indonesia is pretend to ignore every offer that may come. It’s quite success on me, and you can try this one. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with their act, sometimes they persuade to hard. When this situation comes to you, just ignore it. Even though, as human sometimes I feel pity on them. To calm down the tension, just give a smile and walk away from them. You may say “tidak, terima kasih” for good.

·        Compare to another

Tips before Buy Any Souvenirs in IndonesiaIn my thought, all Indonesian’s people use this way in many circumstances, compare. When you stop in one store and you didn’t get the best price, just tell to them the price from another store. It will open the mind of the seller if he refuse then another store will get the profit from the potential buyer like you are. You can apply this tips before buy any souvenirs in Indonesia at many places. So, happy hunting.

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