Tips on Frugal Holiday in Yogyakarta

Tips on Frugal Holiday in Yogyakarta

When planning a vacation to Yogyakarta, you must have a good strategy in order to use the time and budget in an efficient way. When your budget vacation feel limited, no need to be discouraged because you can still enjoy a variety of interesting sights.

You can find a cheap but comfortable lodging, efficient transportation, and various other needs on vacationing. Here are some useful tips on how to enjoy the beauty of Yogyakarta without making your wallet dry.

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Tips on Frugal Holiday in Yogyakarta

1.      Choose a budget lodging

If you have a budget at $10 for lodging, no need to worry because there are many inns with low prices that spread in all area. There are some in Malioboro, like Hotel Indonesia, Hotel Kunthi, Hotel Larashati, Hotel Puri, Munajat Backpacker, and others.

The hotels provide room rental from $6 for one night, has included a comfortable room and hot drinks in the morning. Many tour packages in Jogja include those hotels.

2.      Cheap transportation

Because Yogyakarta has many tourist attraction that are not all passed by public transport, so in order to save cost, you can rent a motorcycle. There are many motorcycle rental services with affordable price ranging from $5 for 24 hours, and you can get happy tour in Jogja.

If you travel a group, you can rent a car start from $15 for 12 hours, if you want all with a driver service, the price is $22. Then you be able to visit the various popular sites in Yogyakarta. If you want to round the city, you can ride by Trans Jogja with the ticket of $0.4.

3.      Cheap eating place

In order to save the cost throughout a vacation in Yogya, you can eat in angkringan. One pack of rice sold for $0.1, drinks starting $0.1. In angkringan also have chicken side dish. If you want to taste the typical Yogya food like gudeg, there are many sellers.

With the price of $0.5 for a plate, you can find gudeg in Malioboro Street and others. While in the afternoon, there are many places to eat complete with vegetable starting from $1 for a plate. You will full with a frugal price even with a limited budget.

4.      Cheap tourism

Many cheap tourist attraction in Yogyakarta such as Vredeburg Fort, Yogyakarta Palace, Taman Sari, Bakpia Batok Sentra, Wijilan village and many more. If you want to see the beauty of some places, just pay the entrance ticket of $0.5 for the most, even some are free.

Beyond that, at night you can enjoy the beauty of the city of Yogya in north and south square, or go to Tugu Jogja which can be enjoyed for free.

5.      Photo documentation

There are many attractions in Yogya that are equipped with photo service to make the place as a keepsake. If you want to save expenses, bring your own camera to capture all the activities during a vacation.

If you want to use photo service, you can bargain to get an affordable prices. Usually a complete photo with a typical frame of attractions is priced $2.5. If you can bargain well, you can get $1 for a picture with a typical frame.

6.      Cheap shopping places

Shopping is one of the necessities that are hard not accepted while on vacation, but with limited expenses you can buy a typical shirt starting at $1.5, a variety of bracelets starting from $0.1, batik sandals starting at $0.8, batik clothes starting $2, and so forth.

You must bid goods below 50% from the price offered, or move to another seller to compare the price. One of the most complete souvenir centers in Jogja is Malioboro, you can get a variety of unique items in Malioboro at a cheap price.

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