Top 16 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss

Top 16 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss

When talking about Yogyakarta, perhaps the first time in your mind are about the culture, customs, tourist attractions, and a variety of culinary. All that exists because the diversity. As you know, Jogja is quite famous especially in culture and custom attraction.

The reason many tourist come to Yogyakarta are just to see the culture attraction that considered unique and diverse. Not only that, some of them also come to explore the natural beauty by visiting some places of interest.

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There are many interesting attraction you can find, from natural attractions, historical sights, recreational attractions, culinary attractions, and many more. As one of the largest cities in Java, Yogyakarta famous for its culture that still thick.

You can see from the Sultanate Palace building which is still used as the residence of the Sultan’s family. There are more tourist attractions that should you visit while in Yogyakarta. If you want to travel in Jogja, and you want to come to places of interest, these attractions you can’t miss.

Top 16 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss

1.      Yogyakarta Palace

There is Keraton Yogyakarta which can be the most interesting tourist destination. Visiting Yogyakarta Palace, you will enjoy the historical attraction. You are not only see the building with ancient architecture, but you can enjoy the collection of goods belonging to Keraton Jogja. The Palace of Yogyakarta open for public at 8 am to 2 pm.

2.      Malioboro Street

The most famous attraction in Jogja is Malioboro Street. This place is often used as the main destination while in the city of Yogyakarta. Malioboro Street provides a fun and endless shopping and culinary tour experience. Along Malioboro Street filled with typical stall, clothes sellers, key chains, handicrafts, batik, bags, accessories, and other items.

3.      Taman Sari Water Castle

There are also places of interest mostly visited, Taman Sari Water Castle. Taman Sari Water Castle was a place of recreation and meditation for the royal family. This time, the place is opened to the public. By paying the entrance ticket about $0.5, you have been able to enjoy the very cool air around the Water Castle Taman Sari.

4.      Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple is one of historical attraction. Prambanan temple is the greatest Hindu temple in Indonesia. This Hindu temple decorated with beautiful relief carvings. For you who are in Yogyakarta, take your time to visit Prambanan Temple. This temple is located 17 km’s from Yogyakarta, or about an hour to drive.

5.      Mount Merapi

As an active volcano, Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta is visited by many tourists, especially for visitor with trekking hobby. Just like to climb other mountains, it takes hard work and effort to get to the top. The ticket price of ​​Mount Merapi is very cheap, only $0.3 for each person.

6.      Parangtritis Beach

Yogyakarta has some exciting beach attraction to be visited, one is Parangtritis Beach. Not only beautiful, Parangtritis Beach has big waves. This beach also has a sand dune, called Gumuk Pasir. In this sand dune, you can try a unique sport, which is sandboarding. Or, you can try to play paragliding at Parang Endog.

7.      Pok Tunggal Beach

​​Gunung Kidul is famous with beautiful white sandy beaches, one of them is Pok Tunggal Beachs. This beach is unique because it lies among the steep cliff. To get to Pok Tunggal Beach, you must ride private vehicle. Upon arrival at Pok Tunggal Beach, you will see the durian that becomes the beach icon.

8.      Indrayanti Beach

Another beaches in Gunung Kidul. There is a beautiful white sandy beach, Indrayanti Beach which has a beauty that equal with Kuta Beach in Bali Island. The location Indrayanti beach is still a complex with other beaches. It is lined with Krakal Beach, Sundak Beach, Baron Beach, and Kukup Beach.

9.      Baron Beach

Other beach attraction to visit is Baron Beach. The beach is about 65 km from Yogyakarta, indeed famous for its scenery. Not only that, you can enjoy a variety of seafood menu according your taste. This beach is flanked by the two beautiful hills. If you want to buy fresh fish, you ca buy directly from fishermen.

10.  Mangunan Fruit Garden

Mangunan fruit garden is above 1000 asl, and has a panoramic view of the cluster of very beautiful Imogiri mountains. For you who love mountain bike sports, there are two tracks with a length of 2,300 meters and 3,800 meters.

11.  Sedahan Beach

This beach has not yet become a popular tourist spot in Jogja like the other beaches in Gunung Kidul. But the scenery that presented by Sedahan Beach is really amazing. This beach is hidden. You can go to Jepitu, Girisubo, Gunung Kidul. There are not many signboard available, just ask the locals on the journey.

12.  Sanglen Beach

This beach is not widely known. If you visit Sanglen Beach, you can also visit other beaches that located nearby, such as Watu Kodok Beach. The exact location is in Kemadang, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul.

13.  Greweng Beach

This beach is located in Girisubo, or just at the east of Wediombo beach. The beach lips are not too long, but presents a beautiful deserted beach. Being in this beach is like having a private beach.

14.  Ledok Sambi Tourism Village

This tourism village is located in Sleman regency, precisely at Kaliurang Steet Km 19.2, Sambi, Pakembinangun, Pakem, Sleman. This village presents a refreshingly natural country atmosphere. While the potential is a cool lodging, agriculture, farming, and outbound activities.

15.  Krokoh Beach

Krokoh Beach is a tourist attraction that has not been visited by many tourists. There are no facilities built on the beach. It is located at the east of Sadeng Beach, in Putat, Songbanyu, Girisubo, Gunung Kidul.

16.  Nguyahan Beach

This tourist attractions is located close to Ngobaran Beach. With a white sandy beach and has a high cliff on every side, it makes this beach so beautiful. You can visit this beach in Kanigoro, Saptosari, Gunung Kidul.

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