Tourist Attraction near Yogyakarta Palace, Keraton Jogja

Tourist Attraction near Yogyakarta Palace, Keraton Jogja

Istana Sri Sultan or the Sultan’s Palace includes the main palace, the housing, the northern square and the southern square, as well as some housing where the sultan’s employees live. The palace is huge, and will be very tired if you explored all by foot. However, there are several main destinations that you can enjoy.

Tourist Attraction near Yogyakarta Palace, Keraton Jogja

1.      Keraton Jogja

Yogyakarta Palace is a cultural heritage of Java is still maintained until now. Keraton jogja is open daily from 08:30 am – 01:00 pm, on Friday closed at 11:00. If you just want to get around the palace, entrance ticket to Sultan Palace is USD 1.

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2.      Museum Kereta Kencana

The museum is a horse-drawn carriage of the Sultan, including two beautiful carriages imported from the Netherlands and known as the Kereta Kencana. A special vehicle used for royal events, and only used by the sultan’s family.

3.      Taman Sari

Also known as the Istana Air, Water Castle. This is a complex built as an amusement park by the first King. Taman Sari is open daily from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm. The entrance ticket is IDR 7,000. Beware of friendly people, it could be a tourist trap.

4.      Siti Hinggil Selatan

Here you can see puppets during the morning and evening on the weekends. There is no entrance fee for the show and you can come and go as you please. It is suitable for those who are looking for free attraction.

5.      Yogyakarta Square

There are two squares here, the North Square and the South Square. The Northern Square is usually used for certain ceremonies, such as Sekaten at December. The Southern Square is a fun place to chat and relax as a hangout place.

6.      Taman Pintar

As the name implies, in this arena you can find various types of games and attractions like Planetarium. This is a new facility that can be enjoyed by visitors, and still an integral part of Yogyakarta Palace.

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