Traditional Custom and Typical Handcraft from Krebet Tourism Village Yogyakarta

Traditional Custom and Typical Handcraft from Krebet Tourism Village Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has many tourist attractions, such as nature tourism, shopping, education, culinary, even tourism village with specific attraction. One of the sights in Yogyakarta and has attract for local and international tourists is Krebet Tourism Village.

Krebet Tourism Village is located in Sendangsari, Pajangan, Bantul. This village is located adjacent to Selarong Cave. Until now, this tourism village becomes resident about 800 people. Krebet Tourism Village was originally a forest. Eventually, many people around live as a farmer.

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But as time, the livelihood turned from farmer into a craftsman. This is because they think that farming is seasonal, so they need a side job. One of the uniqueness you can find in the village of Krebet, is still keeping the customary ritual until today. Like ruwahan, selikuran, suran, and other.

At first, Krebet village is an agricultural village and now turned with many craftsmen. Therefore, Krebet Tourism Village is known as a handicraft village. Lots of handicrafts are produced, such as key chains, wedding souvenirs, and many other crafts. Besides buying the finished goods, you can also learn to make batik with wooden media.

The access to Krebet Tourism Village, you can go by private vehicle since no public transport. You will not be charged to enter Krebet Tourism Village. If you curious about the charm of Krebet Tourism Village, just visit this tourist village.

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