Traditional Suspension Bridge Attraction in Timang Beach Yogyakarta

Traditional Suspension Bridge Attraction in Timang Beach Yogyakarta

The visitor getting increased in Jogja, especially for coastal tourism. Many existing tourist attraction improve some facilities, so the tourist may feel enjoy. One example is at Timang Beach which began to be famous for the uniqueness of the traditional cable car.

With the number of visitor who come, Timang Beach add a facility in the form of suspension bridge. The bridge was opened in March. This suspension bridge is functioned just like a cable car to cross. The new rides are tied with strong ropes and well maintained.

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Many tourists are try to cross through this suspension bridge. It’s assured that this bridge is safe to use. To keep visitors safe while crossing, there is a guide. You will be equipped with safety equipment when you want to cross over.

If the cable car you must while cross over, at the suspension bridge you have to walk by foot. To ride a cable car, you must pay around $12. While to cross over through the suspension bridge is $8. To get to the beach is quite easy, because the road is quite good.

The facilities are quite complete, such as parking lot, bathrooms, and stalls. The charm of this beach is so beautiful, and it’s not right if you forget to stop by at Timang Beach.

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