Travel 3d2n in Yogyakarta under $150, Here Your Cost Estimation!

Travel 3d2n in Yogyakarta under $150, Here Your Cost Estimation!

Itinerary or travel plan is one important thing in traveling. Though, some travelers consider that itinerary as an obstacles for the surprises or other spontaneous that may happen during the journey. But for a backpacker who only take a few day vacation with limited budget, travel plan is a must.

Itinerary is important to predict the time, the attraction, and also the cost along the journey. So, how to make a good itinerary with limited budget. You may consider these tips first before you going to Jogja for holidays.

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Travel 3d2n in Yogyakarta under $150, Here Your Cost Estimation!

1.      Complete and detailed survey

To get to a tourist attraction, you need to find information about the places of interest and how to reach it. To get the information is very easy, just ask to google, and voila! You can find a complete information from lodging, places to eat, transportation, and tourist attractions.

It would be better to ask your friend or family who has been to the destination for a clearer picture. Don’t forget to find out the costs to be spend. It would be better if your lodging are close to the spot you want to go.

2.      Set the appropriate interest, time, and money

Goals can vary, for example, you want to go to a destination for shopping, nature, culture, or just want to see the history and cultural attraction. From your destination will be determined the priority places where you want to visit.

The problem of time, you must determine how long you stay at one destination, how many hours it takes to visit a tourist attraction. Also, determine how many attractions you want to visit in a day.

3.      Create your itinerary

This is a crucial moment in traveling plan, you already have a lot of information and want to visit all attraction. But you have to be realistic, make a plan that suits your pockets and your time. Don’t know how to make it? Open your notebook, hold the pencil and create a table with 4 columns titled Date, Location, Time, and Activity. It’s very simple!

4.      Yogyakarta itinerary example: cost estimation

This is just a rough idea, you can still minimize spending with other plan. The contents of this plan is only an outline, because traveling is always unpredictable. Make the itinerary as comfortable as possible, don’t be too many and visit various places at once. The holiday should be enjoyed with a happy.

  • Hire a guide in Yogyakarta Palace: $2 (ticket include)
  • Hire a guide in Taman Sari: $2 (ticket include)
  • Transportation: $15 (taxi, becak, bus)
  • Lodging for 2 nights: $15
  • Ticket to Prambanan Temple: $4
  • Ticket to Ratu Boko Temple: $2
  • Eat during the holiday: $20
  • Shopping: $30
  • Other spend: $15
  • Total cost: $105

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