Two Historical Places in Yogyakarta to Remember Merapi Eruption 2010

Two Historical Places in Yogyakarta to Remember Merapi Eruption 2010

Mount Merapi, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, erupted on 5 November 2010. Cangkringan Village was one of the worst affected areas in Yogyakarta. To commemorate the eruption, the citizens took the initiative to build a monument of the house and property that was affected. To see the remnant of Merapi eruption, you may visit these places.

Sarsuwadji Gallery “Omahku Memoriku”

This gallery is a typical house of Javanese building, namely limasan that patterned semar pinondong. The house consists of front porch, living room, kitchen, bathroom, water reservoir, two cowshed, and other. This gallery located only seven kilometers from the peak of Merapi.

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This house was founded by Djajaredja, a farmer and son of an Ulu-ulu (a people who manage of spring water and river channel), who then passed on to his son, Sarsuwadji. Currently, this house is managed by Pustopo, son of Sarsuwadji. Rumah Pustopo itself also impacted from Merapi eruption.

The place built in 2013 is displaying goods affected by the eruption of Merapi on 2010. In the living room, a set of seats are still on display. There are motorcycle wrecked, as well as a variety of household furniture that damaged by the impact of eruption.

Museum Mini Sisa Hartaku

The museum was founded in the ruins of Kimin’s house, just located a few kilometers from Mount Merapi. When you get inside, you can see the impact of hot clouds melted the whole house. In this place, displays of damaged goods such as ribbon tapes, CD tracks, television, mobile phones, other furniture, as well as motorcycle, and bicycles.

There was a graffiti on the wall about the eruption. One said, “Merapi Tak Pernah Ingkar Janji (Merapi Never Lets Promise)”, which so phenomenal. The wall clock was broken and stopped beeping when the needle pointed at 12 over 10 minutes, right at the time of the incident, still displayed in its place.

The rooms are given a description of its functions, such as family room, children room, main bedroom, bathroom, and other room. Currently, this spot has built a place to take pictures with the background name of the location.

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