Typical Souvenir from Yogyakarta and Where to Buy It

Typical Souvenir from Yogyakarta and Where to Buy It

When traveling to a place, it would be incomplete if you are forget to bring some typical souvenir. Especially if your family ask for souvenir as a gift. Of course, buy some souvenirs become mandatory after holidays. Most tourist attractions have their own souvenirs, as well as Jogja.

Besides known as cultural city, Jogja is also known as the area that has a lot of sweet foods. It is not surprising if many typical souvenirs from Jogja tend to have a sweet taste. Some typical souvenirs of Jogja include bakpia, yangko, geplak, gudeg, silver, batik, shirt, and many others.

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For souvenirs such as bakpia, yangko, geplak, and gudeg, you can find it in various places in this city. If you are more interested in non-food souvenirs, you can visit Dagadu. Here you will find various accessories and souvenirs typical of Jogja with the best quality.

Many accessories are typical from Jogja certainly suitable for souvenirs, such as Dagadu T-shirt or cool hats typical Jogja. Well, if you visit to Kota Gede, you can stop by at the silver shops and Monggo Chocolate. If you want to bring a souvenir of batik, you can stop by at Beringharjo Market or explore batik shop along Malioboro Street.

If you have more time for shopping, you can explore Beringharjo market. Although Beringharjo Market is famous for its batik, but there are lot of interesting things that suitable for souvenirs. In the west side and north side of Pasar Beringharjo are the center of batik. You can find various types of batik from cheap price to the best quality, of course with cheaper price.

Entering the eastern side of the 2nd floor, you will find many traditional spices, both for cooking and for herbal medicine. For you who are interested in antiques stuff, you can go straight to the 3rd floor. Here you can get the old typewriters, helmets from 60’s, clothes, bags, and shoes.

Once you satisfied to explore Beringharjo Market, you can rest while enjoying the typical culinary at front of Beringharjo market. Some of the legendary culinary recommendations you can taste is Pecel Mbak Sri Cilik, Empal Bu Warno, and sate kere.

There is also a Beringharjo foodcourt located on the 3rd floor of the western side market. Don’t forget about the market snacks, a lot of choices at here, and you can bargain to get a cheaper price. In front of Beringharjo market, there is a shop that sells various things typical of Jogja, ranging from batik, sculpture, puppets, miniature, spices, antique objects, bracelets, necklaces, and many more.

When you enter Mirota Batik, you will feel the Java atmosphere is very thick. Starting from the embrys wearing traditional Javanese clothing, and the aroma of incense that scatter in every corner of Mirota Batik. Unlike Beringharjo Market and Malioboro Street, the goods here are sell at the fix price, and can’t be negotiate.

Most typical souvenirs of Jogja can be bought in downtown Jogja, but some are not. For example, when you travel to Gunung Kidul, you can buy souvenirs of fried locusts on Wonosari Street. Or if you visit to Sleman, you can look for a salak coffee or jadah tempe.

In addition, Jogja also has many tourist villages that have its own peculiarities, such as Kasongan Village famous for its craft. For leather craft hunters, you can visit Manding Village in Bantul as a leather craft center in Yogyakarta.

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