Unique! Sightseeing Tour in Yogyakarta without Leaving a Car

Unique! Sightseeing Tour in Yogyakarta without Leaving a Car

Can I vacation in Jogja without having to get out of the car or get off the motorcycle? Of course, it can. Just stay at your car or motorcycle through the most streets in Jogja. These streets can keep you entertained even at a moment. Even so, it would not hurt if you take a moment to see its uniqueness.

Unique! Sightseeing Tour in Yogyakarta without Leaving a Car

1.      Malioboro Street

Let’s start from the heart of Jogja, Malioboro. Besides offering dozens of tasty street food, the area is like art galleries lined in the streets. You can to buy batik products, or to find a variety of art crafts and typical food Jogja. Interestingly, every afternoon until night, Malioboro offers musical attractions from various street artists.

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2.      Alun-alun Street (North and South)

The streets in North Square is the most exciting if there is sekaten traditional ceremony. At the South Square, besides you can enjoy dozens of street food, just try to park your vehicle and join the excitement to try masangin myth (walk between two banyan trees with closed eyes) or ride a bicycle car-shaped with colorful lights.

3.      Kaliurang Street

If you want to enjoy the style of old Jogja, just skip to Kaliurang Street. One of them is UGM complex. Beside you can enjoy the atmosphere of a classic-style official house, this place also has dozens of cheap eating places. If you want to enjoy the cool atmosphere of Jogja, stay up to the top of Kaliurang.

4.      Wonosari Street

Starting from Piyungan area, you can see people’s forest park. If you are in the area near the beach, besides enjoy the beauty of the sea, there are also limestone cliffs. If you go home at night, you can enjoy the beauty of Jogja from the high altitude. One of the favorite spots is Bukit Bintang.

5.      Parangtritis Street

If you want to enjoy the rural area of ​​Jogja, just pass Parangtritis Street. There are many rice fields along the road, you can also stop by at the center of Manding leather craft, Tembi Tourism Village, Tembi Museum, or exotic beaches at the south end of this road.

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