Visit the Icon of The World in One Place at The World Landmarks Merapi Park Jogja

Visit the Icon of The World in One Place at The World Landmarks Merapi Park Jogja

Who want to watch the twilight under the Eiffel Tower of Paris, or see a giant windmill laid out a field of tulips in the Netherlands? It seems almost everyone wants that. Unfortunately to realize that dream you must have a lot of money and enough time to travel long distances.

But now you don’t have to be sad. Before you have enough money to travel around the world and see the landmarks directly, there’s nothing wrong if you visit The World Landmarks Merapi Park. Although only a miniature landmark, this place is kept as closely as possible with real conditions in their home country.

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For example under the Dutch windmill there is a tulip flower lush, and around the Eiffel Tower there are seated chairs and a comfortable lawn garden. Each landmark is separated by a flower garden, so tourists can take pictures freely. Make sure before visiting the Merapi Park you bring full battery, because here all the spot is Instagramable.

Location The World Landmarks Merapi Park

Located in the Kaliurang area, is not far from the Merapi Volcano Museum, The World Landmarks Merapi Park offers a tourist attraction of a park equipped with various miniature world landmarks. The World Landmark Merapi Park is located precisely at Jalan Kaliurang Km 25, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman.

From downtown Jogja can be reached about 30-45 minutes away by private vehicle. If you are still confused with the exact location, you can digital maps. If you don’t have any internet connections, just ask to the locals.

Entrance ticket to The World Landmarks Merapi Park

In the beautiful garden with cool air of these mountains, you can see the variety of world landmarks that stand with beautifully. Some familiar landmarks are the Eiffel Tower, the typical Dutch windmill, the Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty, the Big Ben of London, and much more.

To see the various miniature landmarks of the world in Merapi Park, you are required to pay USD 1.2 each person. With the nominal, you can walk around the park and take pictures as much as possible in the miniature landmarks of the world.

Besides the world landmarks, Merapi Park is also equipped with adequate facilities for tourists such as a large parking lot, a few gazebos as a resting place, toilets, as well as cafes that provide various foods and beverages. The future of the park area of ​​2 hectares will also be combined with other tourist attractions that are still in the development process.

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