Visiting Yogyakarta? Here 5 Beautiful Beaches You Must Visit

Visiting Yogyakarta? Here 5 Beautiful Beaches You Must Visit

It is almost the same with Gunung Kidul area, Bantul Regency also has interesting beaches. White sandy beach spreads along Bantul Regency. You may know about Parangtritis Beach. Actually, there are more 60 beaches in Yogyakarta. Well, just prepared to visit some beaches for your holidays.

Visiting Yogyakarta? Here 5 Beautiful Beaches You Must Visit

1.      Parangtritis Beach

By visiting this most famous beach in Jogja, besides you get beautiful scenery, you can also visit some adjacent objects, such as Parangkusumo Beach, Parangendog Beach, Depok Beach, and several other objects. To enjoy the beauty of this beach, there is bendi (horse-drawn carriage) and ATV that you can rent.

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2.      Samas Beach

On this Beach, there is a lighthouse to see the view from the heights. The wind is quite strong. Due to steep beach, it is not advisable to swim. At the east of Samas Beach has been built a new attraction “Pesona Pengklik”. This is a lagoon that offering unique scenery, also used for floating culinary, fishing, and others.

3.      Depok Beach

For you who like to eat seafood, it is suit to choose Depok Beach as a destination for holiday. On this beach, there is Fish Auction Place (TPI). Just choose as you like, there are pomfret, snapper, stingray, tuna, squid, or shark. The waves rolled big enough, so it’s best not to swim at this beach.

4.      Baru Beach

Pantai Baru is located one line with Goa Cemara Beach, Kuwaru Beach, Pandan Sari Beach, and also Pandan Simo Beach. On this beach, you can enjoy the scenery as well as seafood culinary that widely available here.

5.      Goa Cemara Beach

This beach is named Pantai Goa Cemara just because when you headed to the beach, since at the gate, we will pass the cypress trees lined tightly, looks like you are entering the cave of cypress trees. There is a lighthouse as well to enjoy the view from the heights.


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