Waiting the Romantic Dusk at Lintang Sewu Yogyakarta

Waiting the Romantic Dusk at Lintang Sewu Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has many tourist attractions with its selfie spot that was hits. In the area of ​​Bantul, now sprung a tourist spot with a nice view that will make your photo more beauty. For you who are out of town, of course you need to plan a trip.

Lintang Sewu is a tourist attraction located in Dlingo, Bantul, is not as famous as the surrounding attractions such as Pine Forest, Botanic Garden Mangunan, and Becici Peak. Named with Lintang Sewu, because at night, when the weather is sunny, you can enjoy the view of the stars in the sky, as well as the stretch of lights from the city of Jogja.

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Because of its charming sunset view, many photographers visited this hill to hunt for photos. Lintang Sewu has many spot of photos to pamper visitors. First, Tugu Watu Asah-asah that located in the middle of the hill. From this spot, you can see the beauty of Mount Merapi.

Furthermore, a viewing post from bamboo is located on the east. There is also spot of Tapak Buto (Giant Tread) at the west. Also, try a star-shaped spot that lights up. Not only that, there are still some spots that will certainly make you happy to see. This place is open for shooting sessions, such as pre-wedding, with a set fee.

The future plan will be built a flying fox, forest school, and night tour. If you want to camp, just be patient, the manager still trying to make it real. The plan, this place will be opened until the evening. The scenery is good from afternoon to night, and it will be night tours and the stage of art.

To enter Lintang Sewu, just pay the entrance ticket $0.2. Motorcycle parking fee $0.2, car $0.4, and bus $1.7. A little note, for you who bring your little children, just give an extra attention because there are a number of cliffs that have no fence barrier. And don’t forget to bring your food and drink.

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