Warungboto Yogyakarta, Another King’s Park You Miss

Warungboto Yogyakarta, Another King’s Park You Miss

Warungboto is a site of the family palace in the past. Warungboto site followed Tamansari as a cultural heritage tourist attraction, especially the legacy of the king’s building. When you enter Warungboto Site, you will see 2 pools. One pool is round, and one is square.

At a round pool, there is a source of water in the middle. The two pools are connected, and the water in the square pool comes from a round pool. Both pools at Warungboto Site are surrounded by buildings with architectural styles that are at similar to Taman Sari.

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As in Taman Sari, Warungboto Site also has a hallway, room, and stairs. It’s very interesting to try to walk through room after room, hallway after passage and also stepping. Most likely will imagine, how the place was used in his time.

Although not physically complete as Tamansari, but Warungboto Site remains an interesting place to visit, as evidenced by the flow of tourist arrivals. Many of the tourists are come by to take pictures. The Warungboto Site, also referred to as Pesanggrahan Rejawinangun, is a building that established at the second king of Jogja. It’s right on the banks of Gajah Wong River.

The second king of Jogja is known to build many building, or pesanggrahan. Besides Pesanggrahan Rejawinangun, the second king also built Pesanggrahan Rejakusuma, Pesanggrahan Sanapakis, Pesanggrahan Gua Siluman, and many more.

Unfortunately, many pesanggrahan are now only ruins, some even without trace. It’s not hard to find the Warungboto Site. Warungboto site is on Veteran Street, Warung Boto. To visit Warungboto Site is free of charge.

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