What’s on Kotagede Yogyakarta? Let’s Take a Look

What’s on Kotagede Yogyakarta? Let’s Take a Look

Jogja has many stories that may never run out to be explored. Jogja is also a tourism asset that is so charming and its natural beauty still pure. In Jogja, there is also a historical tour that has influenced of the establishment of Jogja, such as Jogja Palace, Vredebrug Fortress, Taman Sari, and many more.

About the historical tourism, Kotagede has it’s own history. It is no longer a secret that Kotagede keeps many historical tourist destinations that became the establishment of Keraton Jogja. This place also become a favorite tourist destination for domestic and international tourists.

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Kotagede has a unique characteristic, its customs still so thick, many culinary attractions with high flavor and silver handicrafts scattered here. The local people who are very charming and for the culture. Kotagede which is a favorite choice among tourists, also has elements of history that is very interesting to learn.

Kotagede is often also called the old city, because in Kotagede many old buildings that became a witness the history of Jogja. This little town also has a close relationship with Keraton Jogja, because once Kotagede had become the capital of Mataram kingdom.

Kotagede it located not far from the city center, easy access and you can use any kind of transport. Kotagede is very close to the east Ringroad, or even Giwangan Bus Station. So you can easily visit Kotagede.

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