What’s On Sindu Kusuma Edupark Yogyakarta?

What’s on Sindu Kusuma Edupark Yogyakarta?

Sindu Kusuma Edupark is one of the biggest playground in Jogja. This Playground is located on Jambon Street in Sinduadi, Mlati, Sleman. In this tourist park you can enjoy a vacation together with family. While visiting jogja for a holiday, and take a moment to visit Sindu kusuma Edupark.

Sindu Kusuma Edupark (SKE) was opened in 2014. SKE has unique concept, which combined a park and education. SKE also provides various rides that you can try. Every year, SKE try to present a new ride to replace the old. Some ride on Sindu Kusuma Edupark also are.

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What’s On Sindu Kusuma Edupark Yogyakarta?

1.      Chakra Manggilingan

Cakra Manggilingan became one of the main icon of SKE which is a Ferris Wheel with a height of 48 meters, with 28 cabins that can accommodate 4 adults in each cabin. And you can also enjoy the scenery of Jogja and surrounding areas through this Ferris Wheel.

2.      Pit Egrang

Maybe you are somewhat don’t know about Pit Egrang or Segway. Pit Egrang or Segway is a unique personal mobility vehicle imported from the United States. Before you begins, there is a guide that will teach you how to use Segway correctly.

3.      Montor Tumbur

Montor Tumbur or Bumper Car in Sindu Kusuma Edupark has an arena of approximately 250 square meters. You can feel the sensation of chasing with other. Moreover, there are available about 20 cars that ready to use.

4.      Panggon Lunjak

Free your expression in Panggon Lunjak! Panggon Lunjak itself is jumping upside down on the trampoline. In SKE, there is available about 4 mats of Trampoline ready to use.

5.      Kursi Mabur

Kursi Mabur or Flying Chair here will ‘fly’ you up to a height of approximately 4 meters. While you swaying above, you can also enjoy the scenery around SKE. The minimum height to enjoy this ride is about 120 cm’s.

6.      Sepur Klutuk

You can enjoy the nature at SKE while traveling around using this sepur klutuk. This ride will round the SKE area for about 10 minutes.

7.      Sepeda Mabur

You can also feel the sensation of cycling in the air with sepeda mabur in SKE. You can imagine how the excitement or riding bicycle on a rail with a height of 3 meters and 100 meters length. The minimum height to enjoy this ride is about 100 cm’s.

8.      Sepur Cilik

This ride is special for younger visitors with a maximum height of 120 cm’s. This train will be round in the area of ​​Plasa Winongo located next to Winongo River.

9.      Cinema 8D

Watching cinema seems familiar for everyone, but what about Cinema 8D? This Cinema gives you more sensation and you can feel the picture more real. Just come here to see what’s 8D look like.

10.  House of Terror

Feel the different sensations and make your friends scream as wild, as you enter the train into the darkness in another world.

11.  Cleret Gandul

Test your adrenaline as it slid and hung on a rope at an altitude of 13 m’s with an 80 m’s track length. It will make your heart beat hard and create a sensation of its own.

12.  House of Batik

Learning about batik which is one of the culture in Indonesia. You can see various type of batik. You may gain your knowledge about batik from here.

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