Where to Buy Batik in Yogyakarta

It’s not complete your travel if didn’t buy any typical souvenir from Jogja. In this city, you have many optios about shopping places to visit in Yogyakarta. Jogja mostly known about batik, even though many cities in Indonesia have their own batik. But Yogyakarta and batik are just like two side of coin. Batik nowadays take a part in the fashion, such as clothes, bag, wallet, and other souvenir. But, you may wonder where to buy batik in Yogyakarta.

There a lot of shopping paradise in Yogyakarta you must visit. Some of shopping place are open at night, like night market, but many of them are open at day. Unfortunately, every shopping places are separated even not so far. You may need to rent motorbike in Yogyakarta to help move between the places. It always easy to rent a motorcycle in Yogyakarta even for tourist or foreigner. So that, you can easily move around to explore this city.

Where to buy batik in YogyakartaWhere to Buy Batik in Yogyakarta

Looking a batik’s shop is not hard to do, though it spreads in every side of the road. But for tourist who first in this city, you should be careful because not every store provide batik with good quality. With so many stores, sometimes it can be tourist trap in Yogyakarta you should know about. You may missed some souvenir, but you should not with batik. This is batik’s shop you should visit.

1.      Beringharjo

Ine of the biggest batik’s store is Beringharjo. Exactly, Beringharjo is a traditional market with modern concept. Once you walk into Beringharjo, a thousand seller will offer you batik. Inside Beringharjo, there are so many batik in every form. The price is quite cheap, it’s about IDR. 70.000 ($6.5). You can get more cheap if you have good skill in bargain.

2.      Malioboro

Exactly, Malioboro is like wholesale with various things. Even just a road, Malioboro may represent Jogja just in one place. It’s not wonder if Malioboro became one if icon from Yogyakarta. Many handmade products are sale with the main products are batik and shirt. The price is cheapest than Beringharjo, you may get batik with IDR. 50.000 ($4)

3.      Mirota batik

Known as a batik’s shop with high quality product. If you want to get quantity, just go to Beringharjo and Malioboro. But if you want a batik with super quality, just take a look in Mirota Batik. What makes unique from this store is, full of Javanese culture inside the store’s concept. At the time you enter the door, you will smell a powerful scent of Javanese perfume.

4.      Ngasem

If you want to a village with batik all over the corner, just come to Ngasem. The village of Ngasem was known as batik center for long time. Ngasem’s village is located beside the Sultan’s palace, which is Keraton Ngayogjokarto. You can find many types of batik in here, like handmade. The price may vary, it depends on what batik type do you want to buy.

5.      Krebet

If you don’t want to buy batik cloth, there is an innovation from Krebet’s villages. In this village, batik mostly applied on wooden material. The final result looks like furniture with batik accent in the surface. You can see many accessories, sandal, mask, statue, wayang (leather puppet), boxes, and many other. The unique is, you also can see how they make those handmades.

6.      Giriloyo

If you want to know where to buy batik in Yogyakarta that created by hand (the motif created manually by hand-writing in the cloth), just go to Giriloyo’s village. You can buy kind of souvenir in this village such as sarong, clothes, handkerchief, and other souvenir origin from the craftsmanship. You are allowed to make your creation by your hand if you want to try.

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