Yogyakarta Batik Shopping Center

Batik and the city of Jogjakarta has a close relationship and even can be practically inseparable. Yogyakarta is a tourist city with many tourist attractions you must visit. Jogja be regarded as the beginning of a batik city. That’s why, Yogyakarta batik shopping center almost located in everywhere. Though, it may difficult for tourist to choose the best batik’s store in Jogja.

The development of batik happened hundreds of years ago, is still continue to good development and lead to the city of batik. In every corner of Yogyakarta you can find a lot of shops selling batik with various motifs. Batik is on of typical souvenir from Jogjakarta, and has managed to attract many people to visit this city. The most important is not where to buy batik in Yogyakarta, but how the price.

Yogyakarta batik shopping centerYogyakarta Batik Shopping Center

To find any batik’s shop in Yogyakarta is not a hard thing to do, it spread all over the street. Mostly in near must see places in Yogyakarta. As a typical souvenir from Jogja, it is a must for any type of tourist to buy at least one batik. The price is vary, and it cheaper if you good in bargaining skill. There are several typical places of batik you must know.

  • Malioboro

It would be incomplete if you do not walk in the Malioboro. Malioboro Street is the most popular as a tourist area in the city of Yogyakarta. From the start till the end of the street, Malioboro’s street is always crowded and full of activity. If you walk in along the street we will meet the seller who sell a variety crafts and typical souvenir of Yogyakarta like batik clothes.

You can buy batik at Malioboro at shop in a doorway or batik shops scattered along the street Malioboro. A number of famous batik shop can be encountered in this area. Though, many other batik’s shop that offers a wide collection of batik. The price for batik cloth in Malioboro is quite diverse from cheap to expensive. Bargaining skill is very important to get cheaper price.

  • Beringharjo

This location is one of the Jogja’s icon and major tourist destination. This market first appeared to perform trading activities in 1758. This market is located in the Malioboro’s area and still cater the buyers. Beringharjo is the legendary market as a tourist destination. Beringharjo is complete market with wide range of products, but one very famous is batik.

Beringharjo has been known as the sales center of batik in this city. Various kinds of batik products can be found in this market ranging from variety of models.Batik became the main selling product in Beringharjo. In this market you can find hundreds of batik sellers. While entering Beringharjo you will see variety of batik stall. This makes Beringharjo as a main destinations for tourists in Yogyakarta to buy a batik.

  • Mirota Batik

This store is one of the shopping paradise in Yogyakarta you must visit. Mirota Batik is already well known to sell various handicraft products unique and different motif. The shop is located in front of Beringharjo. A wide variety of unique crafts can be found in this area such as bracelets, key chains, various wood carvings, wall hangings and various unique objects.
These stores can be regarded as a complete store in Yogyakarta, from wooden handicrafts, batik cloth, batik clothes, or even traditional drink also we can buy at the store. The store’s atmosphere is full of Javanese culture. Once you enter the store, a powerful Javanese scent will be smell at every area. Though, Mirota batik now becomes as one of the best Yogyakarta batik shopping center. And it’s worth to visit for the tourists while in Yogyakarta.


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