Yogyakarta Breksi Cliff, From Mining Site Becomes Most Wanted Attraction

Yogyakarta Breksi Cliff, From Mining Site Becomes Most Wanted Attraction

Initially, Breksi cliffs are just an ordinary limestone hill that formed volcanic deposits of the Ancient Nglanggeran Volcano. Locals are used to mining activities for many years as. After the ban was issued in the mining area of ​​Breksi cliffs due to cultural heritage, they get idea to make Cliff Breksi as a tourist attraction.

The idea of ‘Breksi’ name itself is taken from the existing tourist attraction in Bandung and Bali that looks similar to the cliff. That’s why the cliff is called Breksi Cliff, local called Tebing Breksi. This tourism object was inaugurated by the Sultan on 2015 ago.

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But with the massive promotion from visitor, Breksi Cliff has now become one of the tourist attraction that widely known. Breksi cliff itself looks like a mine site. But with a variety of ideas and creative hands of the surrounding community, now Breksi Cliff is much beautiful with a variety of sculptures that adorn every wall.

Beside to the art-carved on the walls of the cliff, the manager makes Tlatar Seneng, which is a kind of art stage with circle bench are neatly lined up. A glimpse of this stage is similar to the Colosseum in Rome. Most visitors Breksi Briks are photography lovers and.

With a variety of beautiful carvings, Breksi Cliff is quite interesting for couples who will get married to do pre-wedding photos here. The view from the top of the bridge is also one of the reasons why Breksi Cliff visited by many tourists.

From the top of Breksi Cliffs, you can see the landscape of Prambanan Temple, Barong Temple, Sojiwan Temple, Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta City, and of course the beautiful sunset. The route to Breksi Cliff is not difficult. The location of Breksi Cliff is still in one area with the famous Ijo Temple.

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