Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction Based on Your Zodiac

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction Based on Your Zodiac

Zodiac can determine your traveling style. You can believe it or not, but it’s okay. But there’s nothing wrong if you want to see some attraction in Yogyakarta based on your zodiac. There are several interesting attraction based on your zodiac. Maybe, it could be your next destination.

Tourist Attraction in Yogyakarta Based on Your Zodiac

1.      Aquarius

Zodiac with the air element is famous for its independence and passion for traveling alone. Aquarius can explore a destination through the path of anti-mainstream, although the place had several times he came. Natural location in Yogyakarta that you can go is Bukit Menoreh.

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2.      Pisces

The tendency to “escape from the routine” made the holiday is a must for Pisces. Zodiac with water element is easily fascinated with the beauty of nature, far from civilization, especially with rich traditions and culture. The location that you can go is the tourism village in Sleman.

3.      Aries

Aries is an independent and passionate walker. When staying at the hotel, they are not willing to stay in the room or sunbathing by the pool. They will prepare to explore a destination, especially for the first time. Just peek into the Tugu Jogja area, which every night is crowded with people taking pictures.

4.      Taurus

Taurus is famous for being friendly and loving. However, they are also not half-hearted when wanting to spoil yourself. The locations in Jogja that you can go too must be cool enough, you can come to Sambi Petung Resort in the area of ​​Jalan Kaliurang km 19.

5.      Gemini

Famous air elements are easy to adapt, regardless of the situation and conditions in destination. It certainly has a good impact, but on the other hand, Gemini people are very easily bored. Therefore, a Gemini must often move while traveling. The most suitable place that can be visited is the south coast of Jogja such as Baron, Kukup, Drini, or Timang Beach.

6.      Cancer

Holiday with family or close friends is the most suitable type of travel for a Cancer. This is a great time to show how much they care for the whole family. If you want to get easy access and can bring many family members, you can come to Jogja Bay which of course can spoil the little and nephew.

7.      Leo

These “tigers” are always full of energy and like to explore new destinations. They like to do activities into late night, and become the center of attention. If you like the nighttime entertainment that never sleeps, you can come to the Zero Kilometer Zone, to the cafe area in Seturan, or enjoy a car paddle in the South Square of Jogja.

8.      Virgo

A Virgo is a very detailed walker, including when creating an itinerary. Before traveling they had already found out about the instagenic hotel, the best restaurant, up to the locals’ favorite coffee shop. They also like activities such as bike tour, walking tour, or sightseeing tour. For Virgo, you can try cycling in the area of ​​Prambanan Temple or down-hill in Kali Kuning area.

9.      Libra

Librans love landscapes and romantic-like destinations. The best holiday for a Libra is a natural destination with other things that support it, eg traditions and local culture. They also love to visit traditional cafes or eating places. In Jogja, you can come to Sumber Watu located south of Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta.

10.  Scorpio

Likewise with Libra, a Scorpio also loves natural tourist destinations. But Scorpio people are usually more extreme, they like camping, climb a mountain, and do some activities that spur the adrenaline. You can also camp in the forest area of ​​Pinus, Mangunan, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

11.  Sagittarius

Sagittarians always like to do new things. Although they are in the interior once, Sagittarius people can stay for long because finding a lot of new experiences. They can and do live in inland such as in remote village area in Kulon Progo, Gunung Kidul, or Sleman.

12.  Capricorn

Holiday with family and adventure is perfect for Capricorn. The ambitious and disciplined of a Capricorn is also suitable for traveling to different regions of the world. One of the tourist attraction you can try is tubing in Kalisuci in Gunung Kidul.

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