Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Becici Peak

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Becici Peak

The beautiful moment is a holiday, which is to eliminate your fatigue. Plenty of spots for sightseeing tour. If you want to go spend your vacation in Jogja, or just stay in Jogja, take some time to enjoy the panorama here. Jogja will be a fun place, because here there are many cool destinations.

For example, Parangtritis Beach, Keraton Jogja, and many others. Those tourist attractions are already well known among domestic and international tourists. On the other hand, there is one place that interesting. This place is like a paradise for people who love about photography.

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This tourist spot not far from Mangunan Pine Forest, and you can see the beautiful twilight here. This tourist attraction called Becici Peak, or often called Becici Hill. Becici Hill is classified as a new tourist attractions, with beautiful scenery and cool air.

Because around this place grows pine trees, sometime this place will be impressed as a romantic spot. This Becici Peak is located in Gunung Cilik, Gunung Mutuk, Dlingo, Bantul. According to the existing history, there is a relic that resembles a tomb.

If you want to get to this place, the route is quite easy. To route to this place almost is the same route to Mangunan Pine Forest. You will find many signpost along the road. So, don’t worry to get lost.

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