Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Cable Car Timang Beach

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Cable Car Timang Beach

Tourist attraction in Jogja now begins widely known by local and international tourists, especially about beach attraction. Many spot begin to improve with some facilities, so that the tourist could feel comfort and willing to come again. One example is Timang Beach which famous with traditional cable car.

With the number of tourists that increased, Timang beach add an attraction in the form of suspension bridge. The bridge was opened in March 2017, this bridge functioned just like a cable car to cross to other land. The new rides are tied with strong ropes and the security is well maintained.

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Many tourists are also interesting to try by passing this suspension bridge. Don’t worry, this bridge is safe to passed. To keep visitors safe and secure while crossing, there is a guide. Not only that, you will be equipped with safety equipment. The suspension bridge with the cable car are actually to cross over to Timang Island.

This suspension bridge is also intended for visitors who do not dare to use cable car. To ride a cable car, you must spend around $12. While to cross over trough the bridge is quite cheap, which is $9. You can choose what ride that suitable with you.

The route to the beach is quite easy. The facilities are quite complete. The charm of this beach is so beautiful, and very dear to miss. Especially when you look from the island, and how beautiful it is.

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