Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Cemara Sewu Beach

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Cemara Sewu Beach

Bantul seems ready to increase its natural tourism potential, looks like being in competition with Gunung Kidul. As you know, Bantul also have many tourism potential beaches such as in Gunung Kidul. It seems clear that Bantul has generated several new tourist attractions, one of them is Cemara Sewu Beach.

Although somewhat new, this beach has been transformed into an attraction that is sought after by tourists. Cemara Sewu Beach is located not far from Parangkusumo Beach, which also has a charm. As the name, there are a lot of cypress trees that are actually used to prevent the abrasion.

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In this beach tourist attraction, there is also a sand dune that exactly the same as the sand dunes in Parangkusumo Beach. That’s way, you can imagine clearly about what activities that you can do on this beach. The beach that has a charming natural scenery is located in line with Parangkusumo Beach with and Parangtritis Beach. So it is not difficult to find this beach.

However, to be sure, you should also know the route to Cemara Sewu Beach. It easy to get to this beach, because you can simply arrive by following the signboard. To arrive to Cemara Sewu Beach, you must go to Parangkusumo Beach then continue to the west.

However, feel free to ask the people around. If you want come to Cemara Sewu Beach must pay entrance fee for $0.5 for each person. Although it is regarded as one of the coastal tourist attractions are still new, the facilities are pretty good such as food stalls, snacks, gazebos, and bridges.

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