Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Hutan Pinus Asri

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Hutan Pinus Asri

Traveling is really fun because you can eliminate fatigue during daily activities. There are various kinds of tourist attractions that can you visit, from natural attractions to artificial tourist attractions. Especially if you are in Jogja, many tourist attractions that can you visit.

Some of tourist attractions such as Parangtritis Beach, Indrayanti Beach, Keraton Jogja, Lava Tour Merapi, and more. However, in Bantul, there is natural attractions, pine forest. Asri Pine Forest is recommended to be a tourist destination.

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Besides the cool mountain air, this forest has spectacular views and spot photos of interest. This forest has an interesting place to visit, there are special design for any photo spot and it very comfort to visit. So you can relax while enjoying the beauty of freshness and the natural charm.

This forest has long existed, but just began to develop in couple years. The location of this forest is adjacent to the pine forest. This forest began to attract many visitors along with the development of tourism industry. There are many facilities provided, from outbound places, food stalls, bench, etc.

The entrance ticket to this location is quite cheap and affordable. In the pine forest, there is a view post provided to enjoy the view of the city. It’s really satisfied if you come here. The location of the pine forest is on Hutan Pinus Street, Nganjir, Karangasem, Munthuk, Dlingo, Bantul.

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