Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Javanese Farmer Museum

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Javanese Farmer Museum

Yogyakarta is rich with a variety of beautiful cultures. This time the tourist attraction come from Bantul. Maybe, for you, this place is not so popular. However, there is new tourist attraction called Museum of Farmers, or famous called with Museum Tani Jawa.

The museum was built to preserve the Javanese-style farming tradition. This museum was initiated in 1998. The museum is located in Candran Tourism Village, Kebonagung, Imogiri, Bantul. The establishment of this museum begins with a variety of collections related to agriculture.

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However, the construction of this museum had faltered, due to natural disasters in the form of earthquakes that occurred in Jogja in 2006. This place stores various collections of traditional Javanese agricultural tools that used by the ancient people.

There are approximately 620 pieces of agricultural collections stored in the Museum of Farmers. Some of the stored collections include cooking tools and agricultural tools derived from stone, iron, bamboo, wood, and aluminum that used in the era of the 1930s.

This place is also equipped with a collection of dimples. Other collections like lumping, sickle, plow, rake, hoe, wagon, wok, cowek, basket, ani-ani, gosrok, genthong, and caping. Beside to the collection, the Farmers Museum has a routine activities every 3 months in one year.

The activities are tangible races, traditional art performances, and festivals. In January Farmers Museum usually held a rice plant competition. Then in March, a cooking competition was held, and at May held Javanese arts and cultural performances. There is a unique festival of memedi sawah held in July.

In September and November held art performances and exhibition of agricultural products. Museum of Farmers also presents Dances Gejog Lesung, Gamelan, Dragon Boat, Learning to Make Mask, and Practice Making Emping.

As a tourist area, this museum also provides facilities such as Homestay. You can stay directly in the homes of residents in the hope that tourists can learn directly about the life of farming communities. You are also allowed to learn dance Gejog Lesung.

For you who are interested and curious about the Museum Tani, you are welcome to visit. This place is open on Tuesday-Sunday at 8 am to 3pm. For the ticket prices are not officially set, you can give some as you wish.

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