Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Kali Kuning Tourism Area

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Kali Kuning Tourism Area

When fatigue strikes, getting vacation is the best way to change atmosphere. Holiday could drive you to refresh your mind with a new atmosphere. There is a way out, by enjoying the nature attraction in Yogyakarta. It slightly can eliminate the fatigue that came.

About the nature attraction, Jogja provides many natural attractions. Some famous attractions are Mangunan tourism area, Pengilon hill, and many more. But in Jogja, there is one natural attractions that very interesting to visit, Kali Kuning tourism area.

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Traveling to Kali Kuning you will enjoy the fresh mountain air. In this place, besides you can enjoy the cool of air, you will be pampered with its natural charm. The natural charm that offered include mountain trekking, towering trees, clear river, and many more.

Besides you can also enjoy the natural charm that exists with the river, you will be pampered with river water flow and the clear water typical mountains. At Kali Kuning, you can also do trekking or rafting. To enter Kali Kuning area, you may be charged $0.8, and if you want to hire the guide, you will probably spend more $2.

The guides here will explain the condition around when you do trekking or rafting. The location of Kali Kuning is in a tourism area of Kaliurang. Kali Kuning is located on the southern slope of Mount Merapi, in Cangkringan, Sleman.  The access here is pretty good, but you have to be careful.

At some road, there are still a few remnants of Merapi eruption, which can make the road so slippery. When you want to go here, just ride by private vehicle. There are no public transport that pass.

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