Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Mantup Temple

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Mantup Temple

Mantup temple is located far from the temple groups around Prambanan, precisely in Sampangan, Mantup, Baturetno, Banguntapan, Bantul. This temple consists of three small buildings that line from north to south, with the direction facing to the west.

The first temple, located in the north is made of brick. The second temple, in the middle is made of white stone. The third temple is located in the south which is also made from white stone. In the second temple found statues identified as Kalyanasundaramurti statue.

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Andesite stone statue depicts the male and female in a position standing side by side and holding hands. This statue is to represent the marriage of Siva and Parwati. Based on the existence of the statue, Mantup Temple allegedly a Hindu temple.

In the vicinity of the temple, many found broken pottery that identified as pieces of jars, cauldrons, vases, bowls, and other. Approximately 15 meters to the north of the three temples found the rest of the floor structure of a larger building, made of andesite stone.

This buildings assumed to be associated with the three temples are created with elevated yard and reinforced with white stone. This is known from the existence of the remains wall. The whole shape of this temple is still unknown, so the function.

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