Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Museum Batik Ciptowening

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Museum Batik Ciptowening

One of the typical souvenirs of Yogyakarta is batik. Batik can be used by everyone both young and old. Both children and adults. Batik is not only a beautiful creation. This is a cultural heritage that needs to be preserved. You also need to visit the Museum Batik Ciptowening to know more about batik.

This museum take a place in the Joglo house, a traditional house of Java. Although traditional and old, but the building is still sturdy because it is made of quality teak wood. At first, this batik museum in Imogiri belongs to Linda Heri Diana Bondan Gunawan.

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From the city center, this museum is quite far, which is in Ketandan Tengah, Imogiri, Bantul. The purpose of the establishment of this object is to keep the ancient batik collection especially from Bantul, Yogyakarta. Ancient batiks are kept and preserved, there is about 100 years old.

In fact, this very rare collection was once used by the king. Batik that collected in Museum Batik Ciptowening has rarely motives, such as sidoluhur, lereng, and sidomukti. There are some motives that are no longer made. So the existence of batik in this museum has high historical value.

The visitors who come to see also can feel how the process of making batik in this place. You will be taught how to hold the canting to incise the night when create batik. This museum will teach you many new experiences for you. Museum Batik Ciptowening will make you more appreciate the work of batik itself.

To make a single of batik, you must be patient and never give up. If the night is too hot, then the batik result will not be good. So the temperature must be keep with a certain temperature. The batik results can be brought back to their homes. Batik skills can’t be obtained in a day.

However, you will learn a little about the difficulty of making batik on a white plain cloth. To use batik facility in this museum you will be requested $2.2. The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday at 9 am. Visiting Batik Ciptowening Museum will increase your knowledge about batik. Especially when this batik has been officially included as world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

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