Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Museum Batik Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Museum Batik Yogyakarta

Museum Batik of Yogyakarta is located on Jl. Dr. Sutomo and established on 12 May 1977. There is still attention from the public including foreign tourists in batik. The collection of Batik in this museum is very complete.

Various types of batik from various regions in Indonesia are here, ranging from Batik Yogyakarta, Indramayu, to other Batik Indonesia craftsmen areas. The collection includes a long cloth, sarong and other.

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Until now has reached the number of 400 pieces of cloth, plus some batik equipment. His oldest collection is hand-written batik of the 1700s. Apart from his batik collection, Batik Museum also keeps various hand embroidered batik collections.

Hand embroidered collections are very diverse, even the museum was awarded for the largest embroidered work. A year later this museum was awarded from the same institution as the initiator of the establishment of the first embroidery museum in Indonesia.

Currently, Museum Batik is managed by Mrs. Dewi Sukaningsih or more familiarly called with Oma Dewi. Oma Dewi is also a hand embroidery maker. However, this museum has art and cultural assets that are even recognized by the world.

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