Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Ngrawe Beach

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Ngrawe Beach

Ngrawe Beach is located in Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul. As you know, Gunung Kidul consists of rural areas that are still beautiful and still thick to its natural beauty. The majority of villagers are living as farmers and fishermen, depending on the existing natural conditions.

No wonder if the village of Kemadang always crowded by visitor because they are interested in a beautiful beach. Reportedly, this beautiful beach will soon be inaugurated as one of the new beaches in the area of ​​Gunung Kidul, precisely after the new road completed.

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You can trip to this beach by passing the new road for easy. With the new road, the visitor will easy to come. This new road will improve the citizens’ economy along with the visitor who are interested to come to Ngrawe Beach.

Area of ​​Gunung Kidul is famous for its beauty, such as white sand beaches and blue sea water. It is also found in this Ngrawe Beach, because this beach has beautiful scenery. The harmony between white sand, blue sea water, and blue sky, make the view become more beautiful and charming.

Formerly, to access to this beach, you must be willing to walk by foot. After a new track was established, you can go to this beach easily with any vehicle. You just follow the directions to get to the destination. At the beach, you can also enjoy the food, beverages, and typical snacks at nearby stalls.

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