Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Ngungap Beach

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Ngungap Beach

Yogyakarta is famous for its nature, especially the beaches. Just imagine, in Gunung Kidul there are about 60 more beaches spread along the south coast. However, not all beaches are known by public. Because there are some beaches that hide and very far away.

Some routes to the beach are still difficult to reach. One of them is Ngungap Beach. Ngungap Beach is one of the beaches located in Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, precisely in Pucung Village. This beach is about 1 kilometer from Sadeng Beach. This is a hidden because it is located in the slope.

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The access to Ngungap Beach can be considered difficult because it can only be accessed by two-wheeled vehicles. This beach is still empty of visitors because not many tourists who know it. In addition, the facilities available around the coast are not complete.

If you want to visit Ngungap Beach you should bring your lunch, the food stall still rare in this beach. Though, Ngungap Beach was stored a lot of beauty. The serene gurgling of water seemed to welcome tourists. The scenery is still completely natural and you can enjoy this beach.

You can take pictures with the charm of sea water on this beach. Ngungap Beach has an interesting charm that is not owned by other beach. The panorama that stretches beautiful makes this beach quite beautiful. Uniquely, these beaches also do not have sand or coast, like the beach in general.

The beach scene is dominated with the towering cliffs of the coral. Seawater is fairly clear, plus the rolling waves that crashed into rocks add to the beauty of this one beach. A light breeze that blows and the sound of waves can make your mind fresh again.

Another uniqueness of Ngungap Beach if you want to see the beauty that appears you have to look down through the cliffs. That said, that’s the reason this beach is named with Ngungap Beach. You can also watch the activities of local residents. Most residents in Ngungap Beach work as a swiftlet nest harvest in the cliffside.

There is a viewing post built by the community. Usually from above the viewing post you can see the ship that was sailing in the Indian Ocean. Besides the charm of charming beauty, this beach also has a mystical story. Not far from the beach, there is a large tree lush and sacred stones.

The trees and sacred stones that are used as a place for worship to the Queen of the South Sea. Most people believe it and make this place as a sacred place. If you travel to the beaches in Gunung Kidul, there is no harm in you stop in Ngungap Beach.

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