Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Pandansari Beach

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Pandansari Beach

The vast ocean that lies at the south of Yogyakarta makes everyone want to spend the time in that place. Look at the shrimp pine trees that are lush, many visitors are often choose this place to just unwind, share stories, or laughter and jokes.

Generally, shrimp pine in Pandansari Beach is often used for pre-weding photos. With a special background, the picture more elegant with pine forest. This beach became a favorite tourist destination considering there is a lighthouse.

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Enter the lighthouse, you just pay $0.2. Through many stairs, you will soon reach the peak and see the vastness of the sea. You can see Kuwaru Beach and Goa Cemara Beach in the west. If you want to travel here, the distance is quite affordable. Only about 40 km from Jogja, or 45 minutes.

Pandansari Beach has facilities that are still minimal. There are only two motorcycle parking locations. If you want to have a culinary tour there, there is only a small shop that is rarely open. Even the facility is less, but it will be a good experience to come here.


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