Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Panguk Kediwung Hill

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Panguk Kediwung Hill

Jogja will never runs out about the tourist attractions, especially about the romantic places. Some examples, Mangunan Pine Forest and Mangunan Fruit Garden have been successful in attracting tourists with their natural charms, so they are happy to visit again.

Bantul also emerging a new tourist attractions that unfortunately to miss. This attraction called Panguk Kadiwung Hill. If you are a photographer with a sunrise theme, this place is very suitable to visit. You will see the sunlight charm that enter your camera lens.

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Not only to hunt for sunrise, you can capture the same moments in some spots that provided. This attraction has started viral among tourists. Especially with many picture in any social media, it makes this place more famous. This is one of the places that very recommended to visit during the afternoon or before sunrise.

The beauty of the light of the sun adds to the beauty, and the atmosphere around more bright. The location of Panguk Kediwung Hill is in one area with Mangunan Pine Forest. Panguk Kediwung has a unique natural scenery with green trees. When you come in the morning, the atmosphere will feel very cool and fresh.

The green scene and white fog will spoil your eyes. And feels more beautiful when the sun out of hiding. Panguk Kediwung is classified as new attraction. This attraction is located in Kediwung, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. This hill is about 2 km’s away from Mangunan Fruit Garden.

The access road is quite easy. Although the journey is rather long and the road is somewhat up and down, your tired will be paid by the natural charm. Beside you can take fresh air, you can eliminate your fatigue.

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