Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Pengilon Hill

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Pengilon Hill

While in Jogja, there are many sights you can to visit, from beach attraction to temple attraction. But there is one of attraction that will make breathtaking. In this place, you will see the beauty of nature, you can also relax by just sit or setting up a tent.

This beautiful place with a green landscape is called Bukit Pengilon, or Pengilon Hill. This Pengilon Hill is located near the beach, you can stop by here if you satisfied after explore the beach. The hill is addressed in Ngelo, Balong, Girisubo.

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This mini mountain has beautiful scenery. This place also has a green grass landscape and you can see a vast expanse of beach from a height. If you travel to this beautiful hill, don’t forget to bring the camera. Here a lot of good photo spots, you can make the sea and natural scenery around as a background.

Besides that, you can see the beauty of sunrise and sunset. You can also set a camp and witnessing the star on the hill Pengilon. If you want to go there and camp, do not forget to bring enough supplies. Due to this hill has no facilities and food stall.

If you bring your own food, do not forget to keep the cleanliness and the natural beauty. And you can enjoy the charm and natural beauty in this hill. Before you come to this attractions, just make sure you know the route.

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