Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Pine Viewing Post

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Pine Viewing Post

It’s really beautiful, Jogja seems to have the uncountable nature attraction. Walking and breathing on the fresh air in the mountains seemed to best way to escape. With so many natural attractions, some of them are worth to visit, and highly recommended for you.

No need to worry about the nature attraction you choose. Many natural attractions in Jogja are now quite crowded by visitor. Some natural attractions such as Kaliurang tourism, Kaliadem bunker, and Kalikuning. In addition, many new attraction in Bantul begin to arise.

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Nature attraction in Bantul such as Watu Songgo Langit, Watu Goyang, Watu Ngadeg Tour, Pine Forest Mangunan, and many more. About the pine forests, there is a place to see the all landscape of the city. This place is a pine viewing post. From this viewing post you can see the beauty from the height.

This viewing post is also very suitable to take a photo or to refresh your fatigue. With fresh mountain air, it seemed to add to the beauty of the scenery. The location of pine view post is located in Dlingo pine forest area. If you want to come here, the road is easy access.

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