Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Sadranan Beach

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Sadranan Beach

The beauty of the beach at Gunung Kidul is like endless. After visiting Drini Beach, this time you can explore into a deserted, secluded beach, and hidden large corals. The name is Sadranan Beach. The trip to the beach takes 2 hours from Yogyakarta.

The location is along the cluster of Gunung Kidul beach. The nearest beach is Drini Beach. At the south is Saptosari Street, Citepus. Directed with old singboards, you will find Sadranan Beach. At first, the road was smooth. Then, it gets bumpy and rocky.

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For you who are just learning to drive, you should not try to come alone. Besides the risk, many big rocks squeeze the road, your vehicle may scratch. On the south side lies a vast ocean. The sky is also bright. When your foot stepped into the white sand, there was a warmth that hit the skin pores.

On the west side, there are vines that live in the sand. Shaped like a heart leave with a smaller size. The sea water is clean and clear. There are some small crabs that swim and then pulled over the rocks. The color also looks brighter because of the sunlight that breaks into the water.

Some visitor clustered under the reef. They photographed each other, trying to capture the precious moment with a pocket camera. There are also visitor who write the word I Love You in the sand. That’s for my husband, she said. Well, Sadranan Beach is quiet and beautiful place that should still be sustainable, now and then.

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