Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: The Hobbit House

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: The Hobbit House

The attraction in Jogja is really beautiful and endless. If you want to go to Jogja, don’t forget to prepare the attraction you want to go. So, when you arrived in Jogja, you will not be confused and dizzy about to the destination. Because there are so many beautiful sights, especially with nature tourism.

Jogja provides good tourist attractions, especially with the natural attractions. If you don’t have any time to choose some, just try these tourist attraction. Like, Parangtritis Beach, Watu Songgo Langit, Watu Goyang, Watu Ngadeg, and many others.

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There is one tourist attraction that is interesting. This tourist spot is Rumah Hobit, or the hobbit house. This location of this tourist attraction is in Bantul. This house surrounded by many pine forests are neatly arranged and lush. Just like in the movie you ever seen.

If you do not know where this tourist attraction exactly, you may ask to the locals where is hobbit house for sure. You may ever see a movie titled “The Hobbit”. In the movie, there are many small house that used for hobbit. So, the Hobbit house in Bantul designed similar in the movie.

But this house can’t be entered, you only can see. Inside the house has not been made, so you can enter it. But this attraction is highly recommended to visit. Tor the entrance fee is affordable. You can come here to bring family to visit this place.

This hobbit house is located on Hutan Pinus Street, Nganjir, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. The location is inside the pine forest area, so the scenery around the hobbit house is surrounded by pine trees. You can produce many pictures in here.

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