Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Turtle Conservation in Trisik Beach

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Turtle Conservation in Trisik Beach

The journey to this place is very easy. You can start from Yogyakarta to Bantul Regency towards Srandakan. Trisik Beach famous with the turtle conservation. In addition, Trisik Beach also has adequate facilities such as food stalls and fish auction places.

More exciting when the rice fields and coconut palms greeting you. Occasionally you can also see farmers plowing rice fields traditionally by using buffalo. White birds also enliven the atmosphere of the green rice fields.

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Unfortunately, there are some things that have escaped the attention of local governments and local residents. Not only offers the beauty of the beach panorama, fishing activities can also be sold as an alternative tourist attraction.

In addition, the typical marine cuisine Trisik Beach can also be used as tourist attractions. There is also turtle conservation here. This place can be used as a learning place for everyone. Though important, this turtle conservation effort is still not taken seriously.

There is local community “Penyu Abadi” began to guard the ecosystem in the area around the sea. Every year, on certain seasons, the green turtle (Chelonian Mydas) which is one of the rare animals to come to Trisik Beach to breed. In some areas local people also participate in these activities.

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