Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watu Amben

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watu Amben

Bantul is famous for its natural attractions and scenery, especially to take pictures. In the district of Bantul, there are so many natural charms and attractions that are very suitable to see, such as Mangunan Fruit Garden and more. One new natural attractions that arise is Watu Amben.

Watu Amben is located in a highland area, not far from Bukit Bintang. Watu Amben is located in Pandeyan, Srimulyo, Piyungan, Bantul. The location is close to the border of Gunung Kidul. This place now becomes a favorite, especially to spend the weekend.

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Watu Amben could give you a special impression when you visit it. Watu Amben attraction became famous among young people, because the charm and scenery is very beautiful to captured. Watu Amben which means bed from stone.

Watu Amben is formed with a large stone, and a slightly flat that resembles a bed. Here you can enjoy the charm of the city of Jogja from the height, and enjoy the breeze of wind that blows with slowly. The scenery will be more impressed when the weather is bright.

You can go here by a private vehicle. The access to this tourist spot is very easy, but you must remain cautious when going here. The road is up and down.

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