Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watu Goyang

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watu Goyang

The atmosphere in Jogja at the afternoon mostly bright and a little cloudy. This kind a moment is very suit to make a tour. In Jogja, many new attraction arise, from Teletubies Hill, Watu Mabur, and pine forests. Besides several natural tourist that exist, there is new one, which is Watu Goyang.

Watu Goyang, perhaps from the name seemed to strange. This tourist place is new destination in bantul, which is one of the districts in Jogja. The location is not far from Parangtritis Beach and Depok Beach. So, after visit Watu Goyang, you can continue to Parangtritis Beach or Depok Beach.

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This location is called Watu Goyang, because on the hill there is a rock get swaying when touched. Though the stone have been aged hundreds of years and never fall or even move. If you curious, you can visit the attraction here. You can also see the natural beauty.

The location of Watu Goyang is in Mangunan. More precisely located in Cempluk, Mangunan, dlingo, Bantul. This attraction is about 30 km’s from Jogja, or about an hour drive. To come to this place, you can use private vehicle. During the trip, you should always be careful because the road is windy.

The attraction began to be famous for many outstanding photos in every social media. The place still continue to build and develop. Now, there are many good spots to pamper visitors who come. For you who loves photography, this place is very recommended. Especially to enjoy sunset or sunrise.

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