Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watu Ngadeg Dlingo

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watu Ngadeg Dlingo

When you get around the city of Jogja, a lot of natural charm are exists. Starting from beach attraction in Gunung Kidul, or temple attraction. Moreover, related the spot photos, Jogja itself became one of the paradise for photography lovers.

About some locations that suitable for your hobby, you can visit Mangunan pine forest, Bukit Pengilon, Bukit Panguk Kediwung, Bukit Cendana, and many more. You can choose those location according your taste.

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If you visit Mangunan Pine Forest for example, you can enjoy the coolness, plus the number of trees that beauty. Not only that, there are many spots and places to take some photos. If walk more deep, there is one natural place to see the existing scenery. This place is Watu Ngadeg Dlingo.

In this tourist spot you can see the natural charm that exists above the altitude. The enchantment of Watu Ngadek is one spot with a unique and exotic scenery. Especially when you enjoy the natural charm at early morning or at dusk. You will be amazed by the natural charm and beauty that exists.

For the location of Watu Ngadeg is very easy to reach, because it is still in one place with Mangunan pine forest. While the route is the same with Mangunan Pine Forest. When you want to visit this place, you must be careful because the road is a bit steep and windy.

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