Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watu Topi Beach

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watu Topi Beach

Gunung Kidul does have an uncountable charm to be discussed. This regency is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches. Many tourists visit Gunung Kidul to enjoy the white sand beaches. In this area, there is Watu Topi Beach. This beach is very unique because of the corals that dominate the beach.

Almost all the plains close to the coast are filled with black rocks. What makes this beach unique is its coral shape that resembles a hat, so it is called Watu Topi (hat-stone). Visiting the beach is like giving your own color in your holidays because of the scenery.

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Watu Topi beach this could be your holiday destination when visiting Gunung Kidul. Just like any other beach, if you come from the downtown Yogyakarta, you have to travel about 2 hours or more. A little far, indeed. But the scenery to be had on this beach is really charming.

This beach is located not far from Jungwok Beach. Because of its location close to Jungwok Beach, many travelers who think if this beach is still part of Jungwok Beach. The route to Watu Topi Beach is a bit extreme because the road is only visible and can be passed when the sea water is receding.

The first thing you should do is come to Jungwok Beach first. After arriving here, walk towards the east of the beach. In the eastern part of the coast you will be seen high cliffs. When the water is receding, then you can come to Watu Topi through the cliffs. When the water is in pairs, the road will be disappear.

Make sure if you come here, the water is receding. Ask the local people if you do not understand this. Initially, this beach is only used by residents around to find shrimp. The local around mostly work as fishermen, so the existence of this place initially only for shrimp-looking place only.

However, over time, the charm of this beach began to be known, although only among young people who love to explore new beaches. If you have a plan to come to this place, just come when the weather is nice and the water is receding. The sunny weather will make the landscape more beautiful. Especially if you want to take pictures with beautiful background that stretched on the beach.

Watu Topi Beach is a beach suitable for the true traveler who likes different sea scenery. The challenge that must be passed to get to this place is quite extreme because you have to walk on the side of the cliffs that quite steep. However, for those who like extreme sports, this beach becomes a challenge that will spur your adrenaline.

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