Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watugupit Beach

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watugupit Beach

Gunung Kidul is famous for its widespread coastal. Various beaches located in the area of Gunung Kidul presenting the natural charm that seemed endless. One of the most exotic beaches in Gunung Kidul is Watugupit Beach. This beach presents natural scenery which is so beautiful.

The natural beauty of this beach is equal with other beaches in Gunung Kidul. This beach is called Watugupit or often known as Watumejo, because there is a very large rock which looks like mejo or Desk. This beach scene is very beautiful because it is under the cliffs or Parang Ndog.

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Parang Ndog is the name of a place at the east of Parangtritis Beach. The term parang is taken from the word pereng means a cliff, while ndog means an egg. In the past, the surrounding community often find a stone looks like eggs along the beach. So until now this Watugumpit cliff known as the Parang Ndog Cliff with 80 meters high.

Watugupit Beach is located in Giricahyo, Purwosari, Gunung Kidul. The beach is adjacent to Parang Ndog hill, and its located is not far from Parangtritis beach. The journey to Parang Ndog Cliff is indeed a little draining because there you will pass a variety of inclines. But you do not need to worry because during the trip, you can enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere.

Although in the Watugupit beach area has lack of facilities, but the natural panorama that is served on this beach is so beautiful. You can relax by enjoying the breeze of the sea, the beach atmosphere with its beautiful white sand, and also play with your friends.

Besides presenting its natural beauty, there are also games sports such as paragliding. The variety of beauty that served this beach became one of the leading tourist destinations in Gunung Kidul. For you who like photography, this place is very suitable and you must visit.

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